about us
ELITCO is a UAE based Electrical trading company with its headquarters in Abu Dhabi, that supplies all types of Electrical items with agencies from the world’s leading brands, established in 1972. ELITCO has proudly supplied the UAE’s Electrical needs with the highest and most prestigious and technically competitive projects. Elitco boasts the same operation in Doha-Qatar which follows in at the same level of excellence.

With an incorporated staff of 150 qualified personnel and its ISO certified head office located in Abu Dhabi, Elitco shows its strength in its experienced factory production known for its excellence in the true product quality. Having factories in UAE and in Qatar, Elitco guarantees to all clients that it can handle all the required projects it acquires through its dynamic assembly line.

Elitco is the authorized panel builders for ABB and EATON, authorized distributor for Busway Systems (Powerduct) known to be of the top tier Electrical brands across the globe. A high level of communication between Elitco and its agencies will guarantee updated performance at all times.

Having many years of experience in projects as well as in retail, Elitco hosts numerous showrooms in the UAE and QATAR covering up to 20,000 Sqm of display area showing products from various reputable manufacturers including Motor Control Centers, Wiring Accessories, Home Automaton, Light Fitting and all types of electrical items to cater to all the market needs.

Our products have been used in numerous projects as we have a sound reputation with contractors, consultants, government departments including Defense and Presidential Affairs and Oil & Gas sectors as well as privately owned projects.

To provide electrical and lighting excellence through advanced technology that surpasses the demands of any given task.

Elitco seeks to be the top provider in low and medium voltage switchgear and to supply a full range of electrical and lighting components to all market sectors.

ISO 9001: 2015
ELITCO is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company that designs and manufactures switchgear. Housing world famous brands in the field of industrial and residential lighting and electrical components ELITCO holds an adequate stock lists and supplies to all sectors.

ELITCO offers the widest range of indoor and outdoor lighting products in the market with a variety that can meet any requirements, having warehouses and showrooms that house a stock list for a quick and on time supply.

ELITCO constantly updates its lighting products to meet the most energy efficient demands with the latest LED technology and promises to support its clients with the most reliable brands from all available products in industrial and commercial items.

ELITCO has supplied some of the most technical and decorative projects. Hand in hand with leading architects and interior designers has helped to design projects as the knowledge gained over the many years has shown successful in bringing the best visual and lighting aspects to life.

ELITCO is a distributor of ABB and EATON’s line of switchgear, which have strongly supported our participation in several successful projects. ABB and EATON are both market leading manufacturers of Circuit protection and control equipment and providing world leading switch and fuse gear, circuit breakers and wiring accessories. Its products incorporate the latest technological advances and comply with the industry’s most rigorous standards.
LV PANEL BOARDS (800A – 6000A) / SMDB (250A – 1000A)
  • Forms of separation: Up to Form 4 Type 7 / Form2b Type2 ks
  • Degree of protection: Up to IP56
  • Colour: Application of customer specification.
  • Short Circuit Capacity: 50KA for 3 Seconds.
  • Cable Termination: Front and Rear.
  • Can Incorporate: ACB’s (Fixed & Withdrawable Types)
  • Instrumentation available in both Digital and Analog application
  • ASTA Certification to IEC 61439 – 1X2 approved by ADDC / AADC / DEWA/ SEWA
  • Capacitor Banks: With Harmonic & Active Harmonic Filter Reactors
  • Synchronizing Panels, Mains & Generators
  • MCCB’s incorporating VFD’s Soft Starters, Star Delta Starters, DOL Starters.
  • AHU & FAHU Control Panels
  • MCCB’s (Fixed, Plug-in & Withdrawable Types)
  • Feeder Pillars & CCP’s : Using Double Wall Aluminum Enclosures with up IP66 Degree of Protection.
  • KNX Systems: Design, Organizing, Testing & Commissioning all the KNX systems for lighting and multi control purposes (Curtains, Air Conditions, Pumps, Valves and Audio)
  • Forms of separation: UP to Form 4 Type7
  • Degree of Protection: Up to IP54
  • Colour: To the Customer specification
  • Short Circuit Capacity: 50KA for 3 Seconds
  • Cable Termination: From Front & From Rear
  • Can Incorporate: ACB’s (Fixed & Withdrawable Types)
  • MCCB’s (Fixed, Plug-in & Withdrawable Types)
  • Digital & Analog Instrumentations
  • ASTA Certified to IEC61439 – 1 & 2
  • Approved by ADDC / AADC/ DEWA / SEWA
SMDB’s Up to 1000A
  • Forms of separation: Form 2b Type 2 & 3
  • Degree of Protection: Up to IP54
  • Colour: To the Customer specification
  • Short Circuit Capacity: Up to 50KA for 1 Second
  • Can Incorporate: MCCB’s (Fixed , Plug-in & Withdrawable Types)
  • Digital & Analog Instrumentations
  • ASTA Certified to IEC61439 – 1 & 2
  • Approved by ADDC / AADC/ DEWA / SEWA
  • IEC61439 – 1 & 2

Elitco is an exclusive distributor for Reliable Power Distribution Systems (BUSWAY) manufactured by Power Plug Busduct ( PPB) Sdn Bhd, Malaysia.