EW series lighting fixtures are used to illuminate indoor or outdoor settings, either if diffuse or ambient light is required. EW series lighting fixtures are compatible with discharge lamps from 70W to 150W, mercury vapor, halogen, sodium vapor or high pressure. They are ideal to illuminate medium size settings.


HI series bulkhead lighting fixtures are ideal to illuminate narrow settings, such as tunnels, galleries, boiler rooms. HI series bulkhead lighting fixtures can be installed with discharge lamp, provided with a separate enclosure used to house electrical parts.


SECURLUX hand-held lamp is used to illuminate places difficult to get to, in any hazardous areas. The integrated handle makes it suitable to be easily carried and hung up. Battery recharge must be done in safe area, either from the electrical distribution network or in 12V DC through two power cables supplied. The battery recharges in 24 hours.


AVN series lighting fixtures for bi-pin fluorescent tubes comply with international standard IEC 60079.15 and are indicated for installation in Zone 2. Furthermore, they are now certificated for Zone 21 in presence of only flammable dusts. They can be installed either indoor or outdoor, in any climate conditions, in coal plants and in any environment in presence of combustible dusts.

 FLF series lighting fixtures consist of two aluminium alloy heads, a tempered borosilicate glass tube and an internal reflector. The fixture in emergency execution has the electrical unit mounted inside the body. As FLF series lighting fixtures are not provided with "Ex e" terminal box, they’re suitable for installations in conduit system (or entrance with sealed cablegland). Furthermore, maintaining operations are very easy: unscrewing the cover, it’s possible to have direct access to the fixture and take out the internal frame, making it slide on its own rails. FLF series is available for fluorescent tubes, compact fluorescent tubes and LED tubes.


EWL series lighting fixtures has a body with fins designed in order to obtain the maximum heat dissipation, maintaining a low temperature class (T5 - T100°C). In fact, it acts as a heat sink for the LED plate not permitting the accumulation of dust but allowing a self-cleaning in case of rain or air movement. This lighting fixture has a light beam opening of 120°. Thanks to the “Ex de” protection method, the electrical connection can be made with an increased safety connection box with terminals. Designed to replace traditional up to mercury vapour, metal halide and incandescent lamps for power and the quality of light emitted thus saving 50% of the energy consumed. These units can also be used to replace sodium lamps in applications where better quality light is needed.


SLFE-… series floodlights consist of an aluminum alloy body, with lamp-holder and tempered frontal glass resistant to thermal shocks, which is sealed on a flanged aluminum shade ring. The lamp can be replaced through a lateral door, instead of the frontal glass. Furthermore, the Ex e terminal enclosure allows entering the projector with a normal non-sealed Ex cable gland.


XLF 1-2 series lighting fixtures are particulary suitable for installation on towers or high buildings as obstruction signal or alarm. A stroboscopic bulb emits an intermittent lighting signal.